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We are commited to deliver the finest quality power from a wide range of fuel sources, including natural gas, coal, oil,

petroleum coke, wind, biomass solar and water. Rather than being tied to a single type of technology or force-fitting
a rigid solution, we identify what each particular market and environment can best support. This helps to bring
numerous benefits, including increased generation capacity and reliability and lower costs to consumers                              

Design brief considers hurricane storm conditions and temporary loss of  gas supply, with diesel storage to maintain

generation availability. Consideration is given to reducing pollution by installing selective catalytic reduction (SCR)        
units to reduce NOX on the HRSGs. The power plant may be operated similarly to any land based combined cycle
generating facility, with on-board operators performing similar  functions. The multiple turbines, gas compressors
and transformers built into the design provide a high degree of redundancy

W e have a wide range of Mobile Power Containers & Trailers, which can be deployed within days and shipped anywhere
in the world within weeks - with almost zero-time setup. We will bring the power directly to you -  5MW - 50MW 50/60 Hz
Prices are extremely competitive also - < $300K/MW.

It doesnt get any simpler - we design, build & deliver the project to you - no five year wait for permits 

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            MODULAR 3-18MW

The Modular Power concept above for quick land installations and the Power Barge below for serious offshore work


The floating offshore power generation facility was initially conceived as a means of monetizing stranded offshore
natural gas, while simultaneously permitting offshore oil production in the deep waters off the Gulf of Mexico.
Interest is now being shown by IPP - Independant Power Producers to generate electrical power offshore, so as to
reduce lengthy permit procedures required by land based power plants. A permanently moored, semi-submersible
platform measuring say 300x200 ft (100x50m) supports the entire power plant and all its associated equipment.

These rugged, low maintenance, work horses demand little except fuel. Some advantages:-

    * Proven power plant design, many plants still operating after +25 years.

    * Unlimited by power generation equipment size, technology or plant capacity.

    * Single or multi complex units located in ''easy access'' port locations

Latest News ....

We are intimately involved with the Western Power Corridor project - the biggest in the world - feel free to call me
on this, if you wish, to supply Power Barges - we need to take power directly to the raw materials source, immediately.


Shell-Qatar have just finished the biggest gas-fluid plant in the world - Nigeria is the next project - which is in the
WPC sector - we are intimately involved in this project also, as it is extremely power intensive, and wont wait the
years and years to get approval of land based power stations that never seem to get beyond the planning stages...


Solar Parks!! 
        News Flash             500 MW in California  - 116MW in Portugal                             

Solar & Wind bring a relatively new twist to the Big Three of power generation as we know it.
With CAD/CAM, software & hardware moving very quickly, using Li-On batteries instead of
clunky, klugey wet cells that leak everywhere, plus a little solar here, a bit of breeze there,
all add up to a lot of saved watts, trees, polar bears, & sky holes everywhere.
Why in the world would you walk around with a suitcase of batteries for your mobile phone?
There is sun & wind everywhere, every day - thats why its called Earth.
The trick is to monitor your usage - I counted 12 chargers connected to A/C the other day -
now I only have 2 switched on, at any given time - a trick I learned from living in planes,
is one charger with multiple ports for multiple plugs - even if you have to build it yourself.

A new twist to wind chargers is the so called Vertical Axis Wind Turbine or VAWT, which is both
efficient & quiet. The average home needs 1KVA per day, a typical business 5KVA per day.
A couple of these will take care of all my large, new All Electric Yacht that we are now building.

2KVA <VAWT> 5KVA   5KVA <VAWT> 10KVA     5KVA <VAWT> 500KVA       graph 

World's Largest Solar Energy Project Announced by Stirling Energy Systems, Inc., and Southern California Edison

PHOENIX, Arizona, - Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. ( SES ) today announced an agreement with Edison International
(NYSE: EIX ) subsidiary Southern California Edison (SCE), the nation's leading purchaser of renewable energy, that
will result in construction of a massive, 4,500-acre solar generating station in Southern California. When completed,
this power station will be the world's largest solar facility, capable of producing more electricity than all other U.S.
solar projects combined.


The signed 20-year power purchase agreement, which is subject to California Public Utilities Commission approval, calls
for development of a 500-megawatt (MW) solar project in the Mojave Desert northeast of Los Angeles , using Stirling
Energy System's innovative Stirling dish technology.  The agreement includes an option to expand the project to 850 MW. 
Initially, SES would build a one MW test facility using 40 of the company's 37-foot-diameter dish assemblies. 
Subsequently, a 20,000-dish array will be constructed during a four-year period.

How It Works

The SES dish technology converts thermal energy to electricity by using a mirror array to focus the sun's rays on the
receiver end of a Stirling engine.  The internal side of the receiver then heats hydrogen gas, which expands. 
The pressure created by the expanding gas drives a piston, crank shaft, and drive shaft assembly much like those
found in internal combustion engines but without igniting the gas.  The drive shaft turns a small electricity generator. 
The entire energy conversion process takes place within a canister the size of an oil barrel.  The process requires no
water and the engine is emission-free.

Comparison to Other Solar Technologies

Tests conducted by SCE and the Sandia National Laboratories have shown that the SES dish technology is almost
twice as efficient as other solar technologies.  These include parabolic troughs which use the sun's heat to create
steam that drives turbines similar to those found in conventional power plants, and photovoltaic cells which convert
sunlight directly into electricity by means of semiconducting materials like those found in computer chips.

 solar 1 <<EU Solar Farm  - Arizona USA Park>>   solar 2

A plan to build the world's biggest solar energy power station in EU, covering about 250 hectares and capable of sustaining
130,000 households, has been unveiled in Portugal. The park would be visible from space, according to a spokesman for the
owners of the site at an abandoned pyrite mine near the town of Beja, in the southern Alentejo region. With a potential output
of 116 megawatts, the new station would be several times the size of what is now the world's largest solar energy plant.

The output would be fed into the Portuguese electricity grid at a government-set price. With 1,890 kilowatt hours of sunshine per
square metre a year, the parched and thinly populated Alentejo is one of the most promising areas on the continent for solar power.

"This is definitely one of the sunniest spots in Europe,"

South Africa & California have some of the highest concentrations of sun in the world. Governor Arnold (I'll be back) Schwartzenegger
has earmarked $2B for non-fossil Solar Power Farm for the State of California. Construction has already started on a 500MW Solar
Power Park in the Mohave Desert.  Contact us now - We can do a complete one-stop project...
We can deliver a door-to-door fully operational business PLUS we will even buy-back the finished product from you
Brand new 1st Generation USA built, or used, smaller machines for the entrepreneur, village or city.    

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